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CxO Roundtable

The effect of GenAI on Experience-Led Business

Aug 28th, 2023 | 8:00-10:30 | Hotel Maria Ball Room, Helsinki

By Invitation only

Join us for an exclusive breakfast event at The Hotel Maria.

Generative AI is reshaping the future of work, talent, and marketing. This technology revolutionizes content creation, predictive analytics, personalization, and more. However, navigating the balance between value and risk in adopting GenAI remains challenging for business leaders.

The aim of this event is to highlight the critical role of digital transformation, personalization at scale, and how to make organizations more effective by optimizing content supply chain.

Discussion will kick off by diving into the participating panelists views and experiences in utilizing generative AI to optimize customer experience management and the many ways it is affecting personalization and content creation.

Why attend?

As customers continue to raise the bar for great experiences, it will be critical for businesses to respond with personal experiences. You need to be creative thinkers and problem solvers and to find ways to quickly solve both your own business problems and those of your customers.

Join an exclusive group of your peers to discuss the challenges, strategies and practical steps organisations should be taking in the era of GenAI to accelerate personalization at scale

Enjoy a fresh breakfast at newly opened Hotel Maria Ball Room. 

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Panelists and Speakers

Franck Attia.jpg

Franck Attia


Franck Attia is Managing Director of Adobe in the Nordics with experience within management, international sales management and business development. Franck has held several sales and management positions for various European and American software companies in CRM, customer experience and BI. With a passion for technology, Franck founded the company StraNeo in 2003 to help software companies develop their business in the Nordics. One of his most successful assignments was the launch and development of the marketing platform company Neolane, which was acquired by Adobe in 2013. Since then, Franck has been with Adobe as head of the Nordic business. Adobe's mission is to change the world through digital experiences and help businesses create and deliver unique customer experiences.

Teemu Vidgrén


Teemu Vidgrén is the Chief Operating Officer of Microsoft Finland, and he is passionate about artificial intelligence. At Microsoft, AI is an integral part of everyone’s work. Teemu began his career as a startup entrepreneur in software industry and has since worked in various sales and executive roles within the ICT sector.


Lauri Halkola


Lauri is responsible for renewing Veikkaus into the world's most data-driven gambling company.

Lauri is an experienced data-, customer- and result-oriented manager who has worked in various management positions in the gaming and telecommunications industries.

Kalle Heinonen


Kalle has 20 years of experience in planning and implementing digital change strategies. He helps customers solve experience bottlenecks and plan the architecture of the customer paths.

Kalle has been recognized twice in the TOP100 influential list of the digital industry. He enjoys being a sparring partner for many Finnish leaders, e.g. With DX and Analytics.

Kalle Heinonen_Adobe.png


Kristiina Banda, Adobe.jpg

Kristina Banda


Kristiina's area of ​​responsibility includes Adobe Experience Cloud business development in Finland. She has worked over 10 years in marketing technologies, enhancing customer experience and digital transformation. Over the years, she has worked with many leading B2B and B2C brands in the UK, Sweden and Finland, helping them with their digital transformation efforts



The agenda will be held in english.



Enjoy the breakfast at newly opened Ball Room​​


How GenAI has and will affect the Experience-Led Business

Kalle Heinonen, Digital Experince, Adobe Nordic 


Panel discussion: How to utilize generative AI to optimize customer experience management? 

Franck Attia, Managing Director, Adobe Nordic

Teemu Vidgrén, Chief Operating Officer, Microsoft 

Lauri Halkola, VP, Chief Data & Analytics, Veikkaus

  • GenAI is a topic for many organizations. What are the challenges you see for organizations to fully leverage AI?

  • What are the challenges companies are facing when it comes to content creation and personalization at scale?

  • What are the trends you see related to GenAI, how is it going to evolve and how is it affecting content and personalization?

  • GenAI raises a lot of questions about content authenticity and infringement of IP – what are the views on this?


Roundtable discussions

with Q&A: 

  • What is your approach to how GenAI is affecting Experience Led Business and what are the opportunities?

  • One major area GenAI is affecting is the increased amount of content being created in different channels. How has the evolution of digital content consumption influenced your organisations approach to set up and run the content supply chain?

  • GenAI has transformative potential to scale personalized customer experiences – how are you planning on staying ahead of the competition


Conclusion and wrap up

by moderator Kristina Banda, Adobe


Thank you! 

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